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Raphael Christman

At two years old I was saved from a house fire, I was rescued out of the play pen that I was in by a guy that was a preacher. I was told that he was about to leave for California when he decided to miss his flight to save me from the fire, I don’t know much more about the preacher except that he died about one week after rescuing me and I thank God that he was willing to risk his life for me.

In all of the rush to get me to safety, my head was hit on the corner of a wall and it caused me to have a brain injury. I ended up suffering in many traumatic ways, one of them was that I was not able to speak until I reached five years old. School was a rough place for me and my mom fought hard to keep me from being placed in Special Needs classes but I was still picked on and treated as an abnormal child many times but with God’s help, I ended up being an honor roll student. High school consisted of a lot of being bullied, picked on and beat up and I remember hearing the enemy of my soul tell me “Just blame God and commit suicide!” but I decided to never blame God. I had a lot of trouble trying to graduate, but the Lord sent help through a Superintendent that was willing to believe in me and help me! I was so excited to get to graduate in a cap & gown with the rest of my class and I almost made honor roll that year despite what the enemy tried to do. Through the years I’ve fallenl many times, but every time the Lord has taught me through it as long as I was willing to try again and to learn from him. One day, one of my friend’s aunts prayed with me and spoke life and encouragement to me and from that point I was never the same! My mother’s health was not well and many days went by that I lived in the hospital with her until she passed away. On the same week that she went to be with the Lord, I decided to take a friend up on his offer to visit Gumpoint Court of Praise Church and on my first visit there, one of the songs that they sang was a song that my mother listened to often when I was a child, I decided to make Gumpoint my home church and within one week, I was baptized in Jesus name! I am so thankful that I was able to go to see my mom before she died to tell her “ I got baptized and I’m being taken care of and you don’t have to worry any more, God has me now!”

Bro.& Sis. Vincent and Gumpoint Church have become my family! One of the ladies in my church that the Lord has used to be like a mother to me taught me how to drive and although later in life than most, I got my driver’s license! My God gave me the strength and diligence to go all the way through Technical College while still not missing church and even while having to walk to College every day, I still graduated with a 4.0 in all of my classes and now the Lord blessed me with a free car and all that I need to grow and continue to follow after Him and He can do the same for you!