Meet Your Pastors:

Jeremiah 3:15

“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”




Pastor Mary H. Vincent

Pastor Mary H. Vincent is the current Pastor of Gumpoint Court of Praise Church, in which she’s served faithfully along side her husband and Pastor, W.H. Vincent, for over 7 years before his homecoming with the Lord. She received her call into the ministry at age 13 during a 1 year stay in Trinidad & Tobago. She carried a vision of a little white wood-framed church from her earliest  memories of childhood, which she eventually found to be the original Gumpoint Church. 

Pastor Vincent has served in church & outreach ministries for over 20 years. She has written numerous Children’s Church curriculums along with “Do they know you like I do?”, a Children’s book in dedication to her beautiful daughter Eden & son Noah, who currently serve with her in youth, sound & music ministry.

They are honored to serve the people of Gumpoint Church together as a family as they continue to carry out the heart and vision given to Pastor W.H. Vincent by the Lord. 


Pastor W.H. Vincent

Pastor W. H. Vincent pastored Gumpoint Court of Praise Church for over 30 years, forever impacting many lives. He was a devoted pastor, husband & father while he also practiced law and had the prestigious honor of being recognized as attorney & counselor of the United States Supreme Court, among numerous other travels & accomplishments. His work, character, loyalty & diligence still live and speak through those that love him today. 

In his eyes, we’ve seen God’s love.  In his words, we’ve heard God’s wisdom, and through his life we found God’s hope & grace.  He was a father to many.  He was pure hearted and real.  He delighted in the laws and truth of God, and all who really knew him still love him today.  One of the things that he said often was “Reach for the next soul!”  He cared for the broken, wounded and bound.  

Thank you, Pastor W. H. Vincent, for being the example that you were for us all, and thank you for loving each one of us before we could even prove that we were worthy of it.


Reverend Melba Wyatt Vincent

Rev. Melba Wyatt Vincent pastored Gumpoint Church for over 30 years. Seven of those years she spent serving as Senior Pastor. During that time she overcame great opposition and persecution as she pioneered as a single, female pastor. Sis. Melba was closely discipled and mentored by her grandfather Rev. Murphy who is the founding Pastor of Gumpoint Court of Praise Church.

After those 7 years, she met her future husband, Reverend W.H. Vincent, who came into the church searching for the truth & sacrificing everything in pursuit of the call of the Lord upon His life that he first felt as a young child. They later married and pastored Gumpoint Church for over 30 years while raising up strong disciples who are still serving here today. During their time of ministry together, along with their faithful members, they oversaw the building of GPC School & Gym and other beautiful properties that still stand and are maintained today. They also cohosted and directed “God’s Daily Promise” which aired on KAJN for many years.

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Rev. & Mrs. Murphy

Rev. & Mrs. Murphy founded Gumpoint Church in 1934 after his wife was miraculously healed of a near death experience with Appendicitis.